Ski Team Member Dies in Water Skiing Accident

Though he was a ski team member, Bodee Peterson of Hudson, Iowa died after a water skiing accident on August 17 at Eagle Lake in Iowa. According the Iowa Gazette, the nine-year-old fell while skiing on the same lake that his Waterhawks Ski Club performs. Two other people fell while skiing, and the three waited for the boat to pick them up. The driver of the boat thought they all swam to shore, since he could not seem them in the water. However, the nose of the boat blocked the driver’s view of the water.

Unfortunately, the boat hit Bodee, causing injuries from the boat propeller to his back and shoulders. The child died at Covenant Medical Center later that day. There is not any information about the condition of the other two skiers.

The Evansdale Police Department state that the incident was an accident, and they will not file charges. In fact, the child’s mother was in the boat at the time of the fatal childhood accident. This venture was supposed to be the boy’s last water skiing trip for the summer before school started back. Grief counselors are on hand at the boy’s elementary school for the start of classes.

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