Skier Dies after Falling Off Cliff at Copper Mountain Resort

Joe Lumbar, a 21-year-old University of Denver student, had a fatal skiing accident at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado. He was skiing above the tree line on Schaefer’s ski run with friends when the accident occurred. Copper Mountain Resort labels this run as a double diamond, extreme terrain run, defined by the resort as follows:  “Contains cliffs, very steep (50 degree or greater pitch) slopes, as well as rocks and other hazards. Skiing or snowboarding extreme terrain is for EXPERTS ONLY.”

After losing control, Lumbar fell over a 50-foot cliff and hit rocks, causing many serious injuries, including a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury and fractures to his right knee, leg, wrist, face and liver. He also suffered kidney lacerations. He was treated immediately at St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center. He was later transferred to St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, where he died after two weeks of hospitalization.

Lumbar was a Wisconsin native and the grandson of Milwaukee businessman and philanthropist Sheldon Lumbar.

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