Sledding Accidents Down

Most people do not think of sledding as a dangerous, but injuries are more common in this favorite winter pastime than you might think.

Heather Taylor went sledding with her son in Arizona one year in the practice field of the local university when their accident occurred. They flew over a second slope and became airborne. Though the landing only knocked the wind out of her son, it cracked several of Taylor’s vertebrae in the middle of her back.

The spinal injury required weeks off of work and weight lifting that still continues today. “I don’t snow sled anymore or snowboard, and I worry about falling because I would probably injure myself pretty good,” she said. “I think I got off pretty lucky, though, considering what could have happened.”

The statistics are showing that sledding accidents are decreasing in Arizona, however. Flagstaff Medical Center statistics show 151 sledding-related injuries in the winter of 2008-09. The number was down to 30 in 2009-10 and 26 last winter.

Part of the reason for this decrease is due to the launch of news stories in Phoenix warning of sledding hazards.

Traveling at high speeds and losing control always has a risk involved. Be careful this winter, whatever your sport.

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