Slow Down for Work Zone Awareness Week

This week, Colorado police urge drivers to stay safe when passing through construction zones. Work Zone Awareness Week – April 23-27 – is a national effort to decrease the accidents, injuries and deaths that occur in work zones.

Nationwide, there are three work zone fatalities a day and one work zone injury every 15 minutes, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. We can prevent these injuries by curbing the three most common causes of work zone accidents:

  • Speeding: The lower speed limits in work zones can be a pain, especially if you are in a hurry, but they can save lives. You can also avoid huge fines by staying under the speed limit. Compared to other states, the Colorado work zone laws are pretty strict: all violations that take place in a work zone are punished with doubled fines. Neither workers nor signs need to be present in the work zone for a police officer to enforce this policy.
  • Inattention: Drivers not paying close enough attention to the road cause many work zone accidents. When driving through a work zone, keep an extra eye on your surroundings. Turn down the radio, hang up the phone and save the sandwich for later.
  • Following too close: Tailgating is fairly common in work zones since everyone wants to get out of them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, work zones have sudden stops and shifts of traffic, which cause problems if you are following too close behind another vehicle. Give the car in front of you a wide berth when traveling through work zones.

Exercising patience and focus this construction season is a win-win for everyone: avoid accidents, deaths, injuries and huge fines by driving carefully through construction zones.

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3 thoughts on “Slow Down for Work Zone Awareness Week”

  1. All of your tips are great ways to avoid being involved in a work zone accident, and it is also important to note that a majority of work zone fatalities are drivers and their passengers. As you said, the key in work zones is patience. About the only other tip we might add is to try and merge as soon as possible to avoid driving aggressively or changing lanes in the work zone, two behaviors that also contribute to a number of highway work zone accidents.

  2. It is important for drivers to understand how to drive safely in work zones, especially since the most common work zone accident is a rear-end collision between two vehicles. Many rear end collisions could be avoided if drivers were aware of how dangerous these common habits are.

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