Company Develops Solution for Motorcyclists Riding in the Rain

A South Asian company called Roof For Two believes it has solved the age-old problem of keeping motorcyclists dry when caught in a rainstorm. The video above shows a demo of a motorcycle cover the company developed called the “Rain Runner.” It is a quick and portable folding cover that encapsulates the rider from outside conditions in a few, easy seconds. Roof For Two wants to replace the bulky, full body rain suits traditionally worn in stormy weather.

Rain Runner would be handy for unpredictable summer showers that riders often find themselves caught in across the country. US Rider News called the product “a neat concept,” and said it would be a good alternative to suiting up only to “ride through the rain for 20 miles and have the sun pop out for the next 30 miles turning your rain suit into a sauna.”

One downside some might find with the Rain Runner is that it does not cover the lower half of your legs. However, American riders are not the intended market for the reinvented umbrella. The Rain Runner is geared towards the Asian motorcycle market, where bikes need to function more as utility vehicles rather than stylish rides for recreational purposes. US Rider News reported that the prototype was in development for more than a year while Roof For Two applied for patents. What do you think about the Rain Runner? Would you use it in bad weather?

Rough weather conditions are dangerous to ride in for motorcyclists of all skills levels. For other vehicles sharing the road, it can also make riders harder to see. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident, our Colorado accident lawyers want to hear your story. We will review your case for free, and help determine who is at fault. Talk to us today at (866) 377-3800.

[Tom’s Tips: The “Hurt Report,” conducted by the University of Southern California (USC), shows that motorcycle accidents due to bad weather account for 2 percent of all bike crashes.]

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