Spectator Injuries at Sporting Events

This week we discussed the accidents and injuries that took place at the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, aka Race to the Clouds. Attending an event like this carries some risk – your ticket might even say something to the effect of “Enter at your own risk” – but the event planners and site owners might bear some responsibility in the event of a spectator injury.

Types of Spectator Injuries

One study found that, out of 127 National Hockey League games, 90 spectators needed stitches and 57 had to go to the emergency room due to errant pucks injuring crowd members. Another study examined foul balls during baseball games and found a rate of 35.1 injuries per million spectators.

Spectators face many other risks when they enter a sporting arena, such as:

  • Faulty protection. Screens that block the crowd from foul balls or football field goals could have tears or openings that create the potential for injury.
  • Poor security. If security fails to remove an out-of-control spectator, that person poses a threat to the rest of the crowd. The arena could be held liable if you sustained injuries in a fight.
  • Other liability risks. The arena is responsible for upkeep on all seats, stairs and walkways, along with adhering to fire safety codes. Additionally, any foodborne illness from concessions could be the arena’s fault.

If you sustained an injury at a sporting event, you might be able to seek justice against the responsible party. Even if the ticket appears to excuse the premises from any accident or injury, you may have options. Contact us for a free consultation at (866) 377-3800, or visit our website to learn more about premises liability.

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