Speed, Drugs Considered Factors in Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Colorado Springs

Police are still looking into a motorcycle accident that killed a Colorado Springs man earlier in October, but they are considering that alcohol, drugs and excessive speed may have played a role in the crash.

Mark Alberts was riding his 2006 Yamaha south on I-25 near Monument on October 11. Authorities say he lost control and slid into a guardrail.

According to the report, Alberts was “passing vehicles on their right after the merge lane” when he crashed around 6pm.

Colorado Law: Passing on the Right

Colorado law says that no motorists should attempt to pass a vehicle on the right, unless:

  • The driver passes within an unoccupied and marked lane on a road with two or more lanes going the same direction
  • The driver is turning right and traffic in the left lane is not moving and not signaling a right turn
  • The vehicle on the left is signaling a left turn

In all the above instances, drivers cannot pass on the right if the stopped vehicles on the left are waiting for pedestrians to cross.

It is very important to understand the rules of the road before riding a motorcycle. A motorcycle safety course can help new riders learn the rules and experienced bikers brush up on laws and regulations.

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