Vehicle Modifications Help Paralysis Victims Regain Independence

When a spinal vertebrate is fractured or dislocated, fragile nerve endings can be permanently damaged. If the spinal cord injury (SCI) is severe enough, the victim could suffer irreversible paralysis, which requires lifelong medical care.

SCI victims may require weeks or months of physical therapy to try to regain function, and there are no guaranteed outcomes. Some may regain full or modified function, while some victims could require daily attendant care for the rest of their lives.

A Denver nonprofit is offering free vehicle modifications for victims of spinal cord injury (SCI.)

The Blood Brothers Foundation was founded in 2013 by Andrew Blood, a former construction worker.  Blood suffered his own SCI after a rotting telephone pole collapsed underneath him in 2004.

After he recovered from a T-12 spinal cord injury, Blood wanted to help other SCI victims achieve more physical freedom and mobility. Volunteers for Blood Brothers install custom vehicle modifications to help SCI victims travel independently, including:

  • hand controls
  • lifts
  • steering devices
  • ramps

The foundation stays committed to financial transparency by using only volunteer staff members and operating with minimal resources. To be considered, applicants must have been injured in an accident and show financial need.

How Much Does a Spinal Cord Injury Cost?

Even with charitable contributions, the cost of caring for a SCI victim can add up over time. Vehicle modifications and increased medical care are only part of coping with such a serious injury.

The victim’s health is an important aspect of any personal injury lawsuit. At Metier Law Firm, our dedicated legal team works closely with medical consultants to determine what caused your accident and how it could have been prevented.

If negligence caused your spinal cord injury, a personal injury settlement could help address unwanted expenses. Call today to discuss your injuries with one of our qualified attorneys.

[Did You Know: Average yearly expenses for SCI victims can range from $228,000 to $775,000.]

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