Springtime Sees Increase in Motorcyclists on the Road

Springtime is finally here and summer just around the corner, which means motorcyclists are gearing up and hitting the road again. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and motorcyclists and their families all across the United States are urging everyone to be conscious of riders.

According to Robert Thompson, manager of Southhampton Harley Davidson, two of the biggest dangers facing motorcycle riders coming out of winter are potholes and automobile drivers.

During winter, potholes develop everywhere from alleyways to main roads, and unlike car drivers, motorcyclists can pay a pretty heavy price for running over one. When you’re in a car, a pothole may damage the bottom bumper of your car or give you a flat tire, but on a motorcycle, falling into a pothole can be deadly.

Motorcyclists do not have the luxury of being as visible as other cars on the road, so as part of Motorcycle Awareness Month, riders like Thompson are trying to send out the message for drivers to be aware of the possibility of a motorcycle rider and to consciously avoid overlooking them. As a safety measure, some motorcyclists use the rumbling sound of an exhaust pipe to let people know of their presence.

How Can a Motorcycle Injury Attorney Help Me?

Motorcycle accidents have higher injury rates and fatality rates than automobile accidents because by their nature, motorcycles provide less protection for riders in the event of a collision. Having an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer after sustaining a motorcycle injury can be helpful in knowing your rights and understanding whether you are eligible for compensation because of the negligence of another driver. For more information on motorcycle accidents and our motorcycle injury attorneys, take a look at our Facebook and YouTube pages, and be sure to follow our blog for frequent updates.

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