States Rethink Helmet Laws

The National Transportation Safety Board would like to see mandatory helmet laws in all states. Right now, how they handle the issue is still up to each individual state. Currently, every state but Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire has some form of helmet law although some of the laws only target certain riders and others are rather lax or even nonsensical.

For example, riders in Delaware are only required to have a helmet somewhere on their bikes. Delaware riders who don’t wish to wear helmets simply attach them to the seats or handlebars. Which begs the question: Why have a helmet law at all?

Opponents of the law were almost successful this year in passing a bill to have the law repealed, but Governor Markell vetoed the bill and wants to enact a law that requires riders to actually wear the helmets.

In Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Dan Frankel is also pushing for a bill requiring helmets for all riders.

Opponents to mandatory helmet laws argue that helmets don’t prevent accidents while the federal government, insurance companies and safety advocates all insist that mandatory helmet laws do change behavior and reduce accident rates.

One thing that is certain is that a helmet can reduce the risk of a catastrophic head injury if an accident does occur. Then again, wearing long pants, boots and jackets also reduce the risk of scraping all the skin off your body in the event of an accident, yet states rarely legislate footwear or other clothing choices while riding.

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