Staying Visible on a Bicycle Could Save Your Life

If you have ridden your bicycle on the road, you probably have a good idea how dangerous it can be. Drivers are looking for other cars and can look right through you from only a short distance away. This is why it is so important to make yourself visible. Reflective, highly visible clothing and good, quality lights are two keys to making yourself stand out to motorists.

High quality reflective gear works both day and night and is very effective at increasing your visibility. You have a variety of options when choosing reflective accessories. You can buy a reflective vest, such as the ones worn by crossing guards. You can also buy vivid safety triangles to wear on your back, and if you sit up straight, they make you hard to miss. Reflective tape is also an option you can use to highlight any surface you choose.

Rear lights are also important for visibility. A flashing red light for the rear of your bike is a must have for night riding. Front lights are available too, and both kinds use LEDs, which use far less battery power than older style bulbs.

Avoid bicycle accidents by making certain everyone knows you are there. Using reflective gear and bicycle lights will make you stand out and help keep you safe.

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