Are You Still Training to Be the Best Motorcycle Rider You Can Be?

Going out for a fall ride

Going out for a fall rideThe motorcycling season may be wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean that state safety officials are giving up trying to save lives. The Colorado Department of Transportation is ramping up its efforts to save motorcyclist’s lives a fall sets in and winter approaches. However, the big question still hangs in the air, will Coloradoans continue to train to be the best motorcycle rider they can be?

How You Can You Be the Best Motorcycle Rider You Can Be?

Last month, we told you about CDOT’s efforts to educate drivers in order to help bring down the number of motorcycle crashes in our state. Though it will be a while till we know the results of this campaign, the officials at the transportation department are not resting on their laurels. CDOT is launching a new campaign just in time to catch the end of riding season.

Extending its “The Best Never Stop Training” campaign, CDOT is hitting airwaves, billboards and TV with a new set of slogans. They ask riders to “condition for every condition”, and say “only the skilled survive” all to get more riders to take up training.

So far, 2017 has seen 6,905 motorcyclists take the state’s Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) courses. With 12 vendors spread across the entire state, there is no shortage for places to get the training, and instructors insist that it will be worth your time. They say that taking a riding course will at the least help you practice your essentials, and at its best, the course may teach even the most seasoned rider something new.

Last year, 125 motorcyclists died in the state of Colorado due to traffic incidents, a 58 percent increase over the same figure four years ago. That made 2016 the deadliest year on record for motorcyclists in our state. The motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm want to see this number go down as badly as the officials at CDOT, so visit the Ride Wise website and find out what other things you can do to help bring down these awful number.

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