Successful Getaway Rider Pays The Price For His Decisions

A 20-year-old man from Billings, Montana, has been sentenced by authorities after he escaped police pursuit while traveling 125 mph on his motorcycle.

Ryan Jay Baker performed a scene right out of a movie last July when he ran from police. On July 17, a Montana Highway Patrol trooper clocked Baker and another rider going 96 mph. Baker slowed down as the officer approached. Instead of stopping, though, Baker merely waved, then sped off again. Authorities estimate that he reached 125 mph, losing pursuing officers in his getaway.

Baker did not stay away for long, though. He turned himself in the next day, and pled guilty to charges in September.

After an apology by Baker, Judge Russell Fagg sentenced Baker to a two-year deferred sentence for felony criminal endangerment. Fagg also gave him concurrent 10-day jail sentences, $500 fines for misdemeanor counts of eluding, and driving while declared a habitual traffic offender.

Baker had spent 46 days in jail after his arrest, which Fagg allowed Baker to use as credit towards his jail time and fines.

Baker is probably not the only rider to imagine that through speed and daring he could escape police. The price of that adventure seems a little steep, though, not to mention the danger of getting in a deadly motorcycle accident.

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