Summit County Concussions

Summit County has 17-times more traumatic brain injuries per capita than the national average, according to Considering the outdoor activities that go on there, such as skiing and mountain biking, the number is not that surprising. With the recent attention that concussions and TBI have been getting, though, Summit County is responding by seeing what it can do to better handle such injuries.

According to the medical director for St. Anthony’s Copper Mountain Clinic, Summit County treats around 1,500 head injuries per year.

In response to these numbers, St. Anthony’s has formed the Head Injury Committee. The committee’s goals include reducing the number of CAT scans, setting up consistent management for in-hospital head injury care and developing a head-injury management program for patients after they are discharged from the hospital.

This last goal is the most important, because recent evidence is demonstrating how important it is to allow the brain to heal after a head injury. According to St. Anthony’s, the brain must be given time to heal. This can take from a few days to a few years. Physical and cognitive rest is the only solution to a brain injury.

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