Why Do Superheroes Ride Motorcycles?

Why do people join the army? To protect the country—to fight for our freedom! Those people join up sacrifice so much to protect the United States, and when they come home they simply melt back into the fabric of our society… Or they change their name, put on red tights, and ride a motorcycle around the city.

When Superheroes Ride Motorcycles

When United States Army Specialist Evo Gambino returned home from Iraq, he decided to take on a new mission. He wanted to give people smiles, so he put on a red jumpsuit, revved up his motorcycle, and legally changed his middle name to Deadpool. Now he rides the streets of Houston, Texas, taking pictures with fans and popping wisecracks. Oh, did we mention he also dabbles in super-heroism?

One morning, Deadpool walked out his front door—ready to go to work—when he discovered villainy afoot. His modified Suzuki Hayabusa had been stolen! The hero wasted no time. He jumped on one of his other motorcycles and tracked down the missing motorcycle using a GPS tracker. It led him to a house about 45 minutes away. That’s when this superhero did what any masked crusader should do. He called the police.

After observing the house for a day, officers moved in and nabbed the crooks. They found Deadpool’s stolen motorcycle, a mess of motorcycle parts, and one other stolen bike. The three criminals responsible now sit in a jail cell facing multiple charges, and Mr. Deadpool has his Hayabusa back. Now, he can continue his mission of bringing smiles to fans wherever the roar of his motorcycle engine can be heard.

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