SUV Hits Motorcycle, Drives Away

Neil Simon was riding his motorcycle through Colorado Springs when an SUV pulled in front of him. Simon said he had no time to react. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground and the vehicle was gone. Witnesses told him the driver took off after the accident.

Simon, who says he is grateful to survive the motorcycle accident, does not understand how the driver could leave.

“How could you just take off?” Simon said. “You don’t know if I’m okay, you don’t if I’m dead, if I’m alive. You don’t know anything.”

The driver who fled was reportedly driving a mid-90s model of a grey Chevy Suburban with a Dallas Cowboys decal on the back. Colorado Springs police encourage anyone with more information to contact authorities.

Many motorcycle accidents happen because motorists do not see bikers in time to prevent an accident. Like Neil’s wife Holli says in the video, take an extra second to check for motorcycles before making a turn – it could save a life. Later this week we will discuss hit and run accidents in Colorado.

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