SUV Kills Motorcyclist

An accident between a 28-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico man and a driver of an SUV from Denver, Colorado resulted in the death of the motorcyclist.

The crash occurred around 11:00 a.m. near N.M. 47 and North Bosque Loop in Bosque Farms last week when Thomas Garcia was attempting to turn his SUV left off of N.M. 47 after another vehicle stopped to allow him across. Garcia turned, and in doing so came directly into the path of Robert Brito Jr. on his motorcycle.

The crash sent Brito to Albuquerque hospital by ambulance, where he was later pronounced dead. Garcia was cited for careless driving.

The police say that Garcia was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and did not fit the criteria for a vehicular homicide charge, and neither driver was travelling over the speed limit.

“It’s unfortunate that it was a common traffic offence that caused the crash,” the police chief said.

The chief made it a point to say that motorists must be cautious of other drivers waving them to go across intersections without being sure of what is in other lanes in the roadway.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by what seemed a simple mistake?

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