SUV Turns Into Path of Motorcyclist in Brighton, Kills Rider

Very few facts have been released about a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred on March 13. Brighton’s Standard Blade reported that 54-year-old Jeffrey Meeker was struck and killed by another vehicle while riding his motorcycle near East Bridge Street and South 22nd Avenue. 21-year-old Zebulon Graeb was attempting to turn left in his SUV when he crossed in front of Meeker’s path. The resulting collision was catastrophic. Anyone that witnessed the accident, or has any information is urged to contact Detective Mike Payne at (303) 655-2367.

“The Hurt Report” Motorcycle Accident Findings

A famous study entitled “The Hurt Report” was conducted by the University of Southern California and summarizes its findings of common factors for motorcycle accidents in 55 key points. Of those points, our Colorado accident attorney places particular emphasis on these:

  • The failure of other motorists to see motorcyclists in traffic is a predominant cause of accidents.
  • The most frequent accident involving a motorcycle is when another vehicle, sometimes deliberately, turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Approximately 98 percent of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle caused extreme injury to the motorcyclist.

Many riders can tell you a time in which they nearly avoided or were involved in an accident with another vehicle because of the common driver refrain, “I didn’t see you.” Being riders ourselves, our law firm is all too aware of the importance of driving defensively in addition to not counting on the other driver to look out for your safety.

When a motorcycle is involved in a crash, the injuries sustained by the rider are often both serious and deadly. If you have been involved in an accident because of a driver’s negligence, tell us about it by contacting our office at (866) 377-3800 or filling out our online case review form. Only a fellow rider can treat your case with the knowledge and experience it demands. We put riders first.

[Tom’s Tips: Typical motorcycle accidents allow riders less than 2 seconds to react in order to avoid the crash.]

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