SWAT Flash-Bang Gives Grandma Heart Attack

While the raiding of a drug dealer’s home by a SWAT team can make for an exciting film, when it happens in reality it can be terrifying to those inside the home, especially if they are not the criminal.

71-year-old Rose Santistevan was alone in her bed, using an oxygen tank for her emphysema, when a flash-bang grenade went off in her home. A SWAT task force had surrounded her home in an attempt to apprehend her grandson on drug charges. As they were about to swarm the house, they threw in the grenade.

The Colorado Springs SWAT did not find any drugs or make any arrests. The only thing they accomplished was giving Mrs. Santisteven a heart attack. Authorities rushed her to the hospital where she stayed for several days.

Mrs. Santisteven is now suing the FBI, the Colorado Springs Police Department and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, all of whom helped in the planning and execution of the raid.

Mrs. Santisteven’s situation is almost enough to make a movie out of on its own. Have you been the victim of a law enforcement agency’s poor planning or negligence? Did you sustain personal injury?

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