Colorado Motorcycle Laws

We get many questions about Colorado’s motorcycle laws, such as: Do I need to wear a helmet? Do I need to pass a motorcycle safety course to ride? Can motorcycles share a lane? In response, here are the Colorado motorcycle laws you need to know: Helmets are not required (unless the rider or passenger is … Continue reading

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Can Motorcycles Share Lanes?

We get this question a lot: are two motorcycles allowed to share a lane? Like many motorcycle laws, this one varies by state. In most states, it is legal for two motorcycles to share a lane. Colorado motorcycle laws, along with Wyoming and Nevada motorcycle laws, state that two motorcycles can share a lane, though … Continue reading

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Kids as Motorcycle Passengers

This is one of those issues that divides motorcycle enthusiasts, law enforcement and legislators: what sort of restrictions should be in place for motorcycle passengers, namely kids? The basic arguments run parallel to the ongoing discussion about helmet laws: does the government have a right to step in? On the one hand, children under a … Continue reading

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