Who Will Buy Ducati from Volkswagen?

Dieselgate is probably one of the largest scandals in automotive history. Volkswagen admitted to selling vehicles armed with defeat devices that helped them cheat emissions testing. This led to a $2.8 billion fine from U.S. regulators as well as fines from countries all over the world. After combining these fines with the total costs of … Continue reading

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Is Harley-Davidson Buying Ducati?

Well, it has finally happened. Dieselgate has finally managed to affect the motorcycling community, and America might be able to reap the rewards. Italian sportbike manufacturer—Ducati—is up for sale and Harley-Davidson might be on the short list to buy, but how could a purchase like this affect both brands and motorcycling in the U.S.? Could … Continue reading

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Could Volkswagen Sell Ducati?

It has been a rocky year for Volkswagen. Not only were their vehicles finally added to the huge Takata airbag inflator recall, but the automaker was also embroiled in scandal. The event aptly named Dieselgate has put VW on the hook for up to $35 billion in fines. That means the manufacturer might need to … Continue reading

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