Will Colorado Roads Soon Be Connected?

photo of car accident

Have you heard of V2X technology? Known as vehicle-to-everything technology, V2X will connect all roadway vehicles to each other, allowing them to collaborate and improve our nation’s roadways. This revolution in traffic technology has the potential to decrease pollution, improve traffic flow and reduce traffic accidents. But did you know that Colorado is at the … Continue reading

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Can We Reduce Distracted Driving Crashes in Colorado?

Fatal traffic accidents have increased in Colorado over the last two years. Officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) suspect texting and driving is a main culprit behind the increase. However, we cannot know how many crashes in Colorado are caused by distracted driving. There are other methods for determining how many Colorado motorists … Continue reading

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Can CDOT’s New Survey Explain a Surge of Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently conducted a survey on dangerous driving habits in our state. Results gathered by the study may show why there were 607 fatal motor vehicle accidents in Colorado last year, a 24 percent increase over the last two years. According to the study, Colorado drivers admitted to the following: … Continue reading

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