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10 Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Turkey, stuffing, food comas and Black Friday sales – that’s right, it’s the week of Thanksgiving which means it’s also one of the most dangerous weeks to be on the road.  As a Personal Injury law firm, we see and hear a lot of stories that could come right out of the Final Destination movie… read more

Drunk Driving Still A Major Threat To Colorado Motorcyclists

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon, and three motorcyclists were taking advantage of the good conditions to put some miles on the odometers of their Harley-Davidsons. A couple from Parker were riding two-up as they led another rider from Colorado Springs along northbound Colorado 83. They were almost to Franktown when a green Honda Accord… read more

Wyoming and Colorado Accident Attorneys: Electricity Tower Accident Could Have Killed Dozens

Jimmy Trinh was awakened at 5:35 a.m. by a knock on his door. It was a police officer and a firefighter telling him that he needed to leave his house immediately. His family spent the rest of the night at a neighbor’s house. He did not realize how much danger he was in until the… read more

Colorado Drunk Driving Statistics

Colorado’s “100 Days of Heat” ended on Labor Day. Since drunk driving is a serious problem in our state and throughout the country, officials hoped to crack down on drunk drivers throughout the summer. Nationwide, 10,228 people died in alcohol-related car accidents in 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Here are some… read more

Suits Settled Against Drunk Driver

A combined lawsuit against Andrew Schlichtemeier, the drunk driver who killed four Omaha-area motorcyclists in August 2010, has essentially been settled. Schlichtemeier offered the families of the motorcyclists the proceeds from the car insurance policies he carried at the time of the crash, and they accepted. On August 9, 2010, the four riders were returning… read more

Courts to Determine Dangerousness of Man Charged in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

The New Bedford District Court, in New Bedford, MA, has scheduled a dangerousness hearing for Patrick Coelho, 37 of Dartmouth. A dangerousness hearing is essentially a bail hearing where the judge determines the amount of bail for the defendant based on the potential safety of the victim and/or the community — the more dangerous the… read more