What Motorcycle Safety Technologies Are in the Works?

In the auto world, semi-autonomous safety features and self-driving capability are all the rage at the moment. These trends often don’t seem like they would fit very well in the concept of motorcycling, but you might be surprised. There are some new technologies being tried out for motorcycles, and they could bring the autonomous trend… read more

Could Trackers Be the Solution to Your Motorcycle Security Problems?

Not long ago, we talked about how motorcycle theft had gone up across the country. Luckily for U.S. riders, the increase is only marginal, however, the United Kingdom hasn’t been so lucky. With motorcycle theft rates soaring throughout Britain, security solutions have become something of a necessity, but a high-tech solution may bring a new… read more

What If Your Motorcycle Could Follow You?

The motorcycling attorneys here at the Metier Law Firm want you to be safe when you’re out there riding your motorcycle. That’s why we bring you stories about the latest motorcycle innovations. However, every once in a while, we hear about something that has the potential to change motorcycling as we know it. Can you… read more