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Metier Legal Newsletter August 2017

Can Businesses Be Held Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents Caused by Ice?

This past month, the courts looked at a few procedural questions: What expert testimony should be admitted, how is joint responsibility determined between attorneys for the purpose of dividing fees, and when can laches be used in a family law case? In other recent cases, the court decided what kind of warning is sufficient in … Continue reading

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Metier July 2017 Legal Newsletter

Attorney Tom Metier

The Courts in Colorado looked at a few procedural questions these past few weeks. In one case, it was the long-arm statute and what determines the required minimum contacts, and in another, whether a finalized settlement can be reopened because of mutual mistake. In other cases involving injured parties, the Colorado Supreme Court examined the … Continue reading

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Colorado Personal Injury Case Wrap-Up for May 2017


Recently, the Colorado courts looked at jurors’ ability to avoid inflammatory media infiltration, the admissibility of text messages, the interpretation of insurance language in two completely disparate cases, and the liability of a company for one bad apple in its employ. Can the Media Be Avoided? In a case that asked whether a jury really … Continue reading

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