Why Are Three Sturgis Icons Being Sued for Personal Injury?

Have you ever been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Once a year, riders from all across the country gather at the largest and most well-known motorcycle gatherings in the entire world. Burn out contests, food, drinks, activities and concerts take over the little town of Sturgis for nearly two weeks, but last year a few… read more

Are You Heading to Sturgis this Year?

It’s August and the 77th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has started! This year’s festivities kicked off a little earlier than usual—on Friday August 4th the be exact—but the party lasts for 10 days. That means there is still time for riders to go out and enjoy the fun, and the motorcycling attorneys at the Metier… read more

Was Your Trip To Sturgis Safer?

It’s August 15th, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is officially over. Once again the biggest rally in motorcycling has come and gone. We hope everyone had a blast! However, the fun and comradery isn’t the most important part of this rally. All the fun in the world means nothing if you can’t get home safely… read more