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Why is evidence preservation important in truck accident cases?

Why is evidence preservation so important in truck accident cases? Truck Accident Lawyer, Grant Lawson, answers this question in this blog post. Making sure evidence is preserved in trucking accident cases is crucial.  Right off the bat, you’ve gotta know what was going on and why this accident happened.  And it starts with going back… read more

Truck Accidents 101: Here’s What to Do & Expect After Your Accident

A truck accident is a harrowing, debilitating experience that can leave you feeling emotionally, physically, and financially drained. While a truck accident may seem like any other accident on the road, it’s clear to anyone who has been involved in one that it is very different. The magnitude of a trucking accident can cause far… read more

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

Following a trucking accident, it’s understandable that you may want to handle the truck crash settlement alone. After all, the accident has likely stolen some of your independence, and you would like to be self-sufficient and in control once again. However, it’s a much better idea for your family, your long-term health, and your bank… read more

Why to Choose Metier Law Firm When You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

After a truck accident, you’ll likely experience a wide range of emotions. In a short span of time, you may feel everything from despair to hope and from anger to acceptance. It’s perfectly normal to feel all of these emotions — and many others. Truck accidents are incredibly damaging, sometimes even to the point of… read more

Truck Accident Checklist: Follow This List For Physical & Financial Health

Whether it has been a day, week, month, or longer since your truck accident, we’re sure you’ve experienced a range of emotions and physical changes in the time since the accident. From feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done to confused at the process, in pain from the accident, or emotional from all… read more

5 Things You Can Do To Decrease The Risk Of A Truck Accident

There are certain things we never expect to happen to us. These scenarios can range from medical malpractice to life-altering illnesses to personal injury at the hands of another. Though we may think and hope it never happens to our family, the reality is that you are at risk — just as anyone else is.… read more

4 Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Being in any accident on the road is scary and damaging. Being in a truck accident, however, often leads to the greatest of injuries. For example, if a loaded 18-wheeler were to rear-end you while going 25 mph, then you’d be hit with 179,844 pounds of force. For a 2000-pound Honda Civic to inflict the… read more

Why Work With A Truck Accident Lawyer Instead Of Seeking Compensation Yourself

After you’ve sustained serious injuries from a trucking accident, you may be tempted to think you can represent yourself. After all, your use of personal experience and pathos may just get you a high truck crash settlement, right? Wrong. We highly recommend that you work with a truck accident lawyer in Wyoming after your accident… read more

How To Choose A Truck Accident Lawyer To Represent You

The injuries from truck accidents are incredibly severe. For example, if a loaded 18-wheeler rear-ends you at only 25 mph, you’re still being hit with almost 180,000 pounds of force (179,844 to be exact). For a 2000-pound Honda Civic to rear-end you with the same amount of force, it would need to be traveling at… read more