What Dangers Do Semi-Trucks Pose to Our Area?

Photo of a trucker standing infront of his truck

Semi-trucks and tractor trailers pose an interesting problem for the peoples of Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. These large vehicles, often carrying several tons of cargo, are essential to our economies, yet on the road they can be particularly dangerous to other drivers. Add in the fact that our area is full of winding, steep roads … Continue reading

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Are Self-Driving Trucks the Answer to Preventing Drowsy Driving Accidents?

Uber’s self-driving semi-truck recently made a 120-mile journey to its destination in Colorado Springs. Before you get too excited, a person was monitoring the situation from the back of the sleeping birth. If an emergency had occurred, it is possible this person could have intervened. Future semi-trucks may follow this model. Volvo is working on … Continue reading

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