What If Your Car Insurance Company Refuses to Give You Coverage?

Your car insurance is there to protect you, you purchased a decent plan, made all your payments, and shouldn’t be financially worried about getting hit on the road. Then it happens, and your insurance company says they can’t cover the damages. They say the accident was your fault or your plan doesn’t have the funds,… read more

What Are Phone Companies Doing to Combat Distracted Driving?

Apple just announced an innovative feature upcoming on the next software update of Apple’s iOS 11. It is a “do not disturb while driving mode,” which turns the phone off from receiving notifications. It also sends an auto-reply to the contactors letting them know the driver is behind the wheel, and will get back to… read more

Wyoming Suffers Wave Of Motorcycle Accidents Involving Wildlife

Unexpected dangers from road obstacles can pose a significant threat to riders, especially unpredictable wildlife. In Wyoming, a wave of motorcycle accidents involving wildlife has led to several injuries. The mayor of Pasco, a city in Washington, was injured in a motorcycle accident after colliding with a stray sheep. Pasco Mayor Matt Watkins broke his… read more