Take Up a Lane On Your Bicycle

When riding your bicycle on busy streets, it may seem natural to hug the right side of the lane as you ride. There are times, though, when moving over to the left and taking up a full traffic lane with your bicycle can be safer than riding to the right.

Riding to the left of the lane can help make you more visible to motorists. Drivers turning out into traffic typically look for other cars, not bicyclists. By riding to the left, you make it more likely that turning vehicles will see you and help prevent them from turning out in front of you or into you. If you are too far to the right, the driver may pull out and hit you because he or she does not realize you are there.

It may feel counterintuitive, but occupying a full lane of traffic will force cars to give you space. The slightest brush with a car can lead to a serious bicycle accident. If you attempt to hug the right side of the road, cars may be tempted to try to share the lane with you. By moving over, you force the cars to use the left lane and save your skin in the process.

Also, if you are faced with cars parked in the right lane, move over into the left. A car door opening into the path of your bike could lead to serious injury.

Taking up a full lane may seem scary at first, but it is often safer. Motorists are less likely to hit you if they can see you, and avoiding a collision should be one of your top priorities.

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