A Tale of Two Motorcycle Rallies

Salute to American Veterans Rally

Salute to American Veterans RallyIn a small corner of the state, out on the Ute Reservation near Durango is the small community of Ignacio. It’s not exactly a big place, but when Labor Day rolls around, Ignacio rumbles with the roar of motorcycle engines. However, this year could be a different story as two small rallies try to make up for the loss of one big motorcycle party.

The Tale of Two Motorcycle Rallies

Every year, bikers would come rolling into Ignacio for the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally—that was until 2008. The owner of the rally announced in May that he would not be organizing the event. Well, the city of Ignacio couldn’t just take that lying down. The Ignacio Chamber of Commerce organized bands, wooed vendors and made sure there were beer tents where needed. The new event was dubbed Ignacio Bike Week and for six year the city ran the event.

In 2014, the city sold the rally to a new owner—Johnny Valdez—who renamed the event Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. This revival lasted two more years, but sadly the Four Corners rally fell by the wayside. This left a gap in the lives of local riders, and they wouldn’t be satisfied with just moving on.

The Rusty Shovel Saloon in nearby Vallecito partnered up with Sky Ute Casino and Durango Harley-Davidson to host a new motorcycle event. This event, called Vallecito Bike Week, has stepped up with concerts, vendors and good times to help fill the gap left by the Four Corners rally.

Meanwhile, back in Ignacio, the chamber of commerce organized a green chile festival for Labor Day Weekend. There were concerts, a chili cookoff, and games for the kids. For the local bikers missing out on their local rally, the Billy Goat Saloon held its own mini-rally with music and drink specials. However, no one knows what plans may come together for next Labor Day Weekend.

Will the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally try to make another comeback, or will a new motorcycle festival take its place? No one knows for sure, but the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm will keep watching to find out.

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