TBI Act Passed by House of Representatives

On June 24th, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1098, the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Reauthorization Act of 2013.

The TBI Act was originally passed in 1996. It represents a coordinated effort to educate the public about the dangers of traumatic brain injuries as well as how to prevent them. The act also funds research and community living for people suffering from a TBI.

Funds allocated by the TBI Act help several state agencies support programs for individual TBI victims. State agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute for Health (NIH) and the Health Resources Administration all take part in educating the public and providing resources.

The president and CEO of the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) applauded the House of Representatives for “reauthorizing this important piece of legislation.”

Every year, 2.5 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury. Moderate to severe TBI can require weeks and months of recovery time. Even after the initial wound has healed, victims can have long-term cognitive and physical difficulties. Some patients never fully recover.

Bills like H.R. 1098 provide the funding researchers need to learn more about traumatic brain injuries. It can even help brain injury advocates distribute information about prevention and treatment techniques. Reauthorizing the TBI Act was an important step towards fully understanding this serious injury.

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[Did You Know: 5.3 million Americans are currently living with long-term disabilities related to a traumatic brain injury.]

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