Teen Suffers Head Injury in Wyoming Carnival Accident

On May 31, an accident at a carnival in Riverton, Wyoming sent a 16-year-old girl to a Denver hospital with head trauma, according to County 10. The accident occurred at the North Star Amusements Carnival at the Fremont County Fairgrounds. According to the Riverton Police, the girl was injured riding a “bungee jumping” amusement.

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Reportedly, while the girl was riding the bungee jump attraction, one of the bungee cords came apart. Family members who witnessed the accident posted on their Facebook pages that the “ride fell apart” causing injuries. According to the girl’s mother, her daughter suffered brain injuries, a broken jaw and a neck injury.

After the accident, the girl received emergency treatment in Riverton before being airlifted to Denver. She was placed in the Intensive Care Unit of a Denver hospital in serious but stable condition.

“No more swelling of her brain just a lot of bruising,” the girl’s mother wrote in an email to County 10 of her daughter’s traumatic brain injury. “It bled a lot in both frontal lobes and a lot on the left side, so a lot of waiting and patience, some improvements but this is just the beginning baby steps.”

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[Did You Know?: Children ages 0 to 4, adolescents ages 15 to 19 and adults 65 and older are most likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury.]

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  1. I feel that this ride should be shut down. No I did not get any money for my accident and it did mess me up badly but if I am teenager barely lives throught it no child will and no parent deserves to lose their child. I am wondering if you can help at all. Thank you for informing the public of my accident so they themselves can be careful

    1. Thank you for your response and request for help. We stand ready to speak with you and your parents about a resolution to your case. Please feel free to have your parents call our office to discuss next steps. We wish you the best as you go through the recovery process.

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