Teens Rewarded for Bravery

We wrote several weeks ago of the decision of Colorado Law Tigers to reward two Denver area teens with $10,000 for their heroic efforts in chasing down a drunken hit-and-run driver involved in a fatal accident. Last week, our very own Tom Metier presented to award in the form of two giant-sized checks for $5,000 each.

On July 10, 2010, Steven Sanchez and Jason Perez, now both 19, witnessed Efrin Villegas crash into motorcyclist Jon Brand and his fiancé Debbie Pyatok. When Villega sped away, they followed. When Villega and his passenger reached a dead-end, they attempted to flee on foot. The teens managed to detain the passenger until police arrived.

The bravery of the two teens led to the arrest later that day of Villega, who pled guilty to vehicular homicide and is now serving nine years in prison.

Brand died in the crash. Pyatok, who survived with severe injuries, nominated the two young men for the honor. “I want to thank them again,” said Pyatok. “I wouldn’t have been able to rest at night (without their help).”

“If I had to do it all over again, I would,” said Perez. “I wasn’t really in fear for my life. I was just thinking, how does someone leave a scene like that?”

Perez plans on spending his portion of the reward on Christmas gifts and potential college expenses, while Sanchez says the money will go to his three-week-old son and fiancé.

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