Tennessee’s High Motorcycle Deaths Indicate National Trend

With 2013 still weeks away, safety officials in Tennessee said that fatal motorcycle accidents for 2012 have already surpassed 2011’s numbers. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security said that 133 residents have died in motorcycle accidents as of December 13. In 2011, 114 people died in motorcycle crashes.

Kara Macek, communications manager for the Governors Highway Safety Association, said that these numbers are not unique to Tennessee.

“It’s a nationwide trend that overall fatalities are going down but motorcycles are going up,” Macek said.

Factors that Increase Motorcycle Accidents

There are lots of factors that could have influenced 2012’s rising motorcycle fatalities. Motorcycles make sense in a sluggish economy; they cost less than cars, and they get more miles per gallon than most vehicles (especially electric and hybrid models).

Weather could be another factor. Since many states saw warmer winters on both sides of 2012, bikers were more likely to take their motorcycles out for more rides than usual. Having more bikes on the road increases the likelihood of motorcycle accidents.

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