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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients: Virginia and Max

Former Clients Give Their Experiences Working with Metier Law Firm

One of the driving forces behind our law firm is our dedication to personal injury victims in our community. In this video, listen to testimonials from our past clients Virginia and Max, who worked with Colorado personal injury attorney Patrick DiBenedetto on their case.

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Video Transcription:

How did you find the Metier Law Firm?

We first found out about the Metier Law Firm through Max’s niece. She was in an accident a while back and they were real satisfied with the service they had received, so they told us about Patrick and that’s how we got in touch with them was through Max’s niece.

What was it like to work with attorney Patrick DiBenedetto?

I really enjoyed working with Patrick, I mean, he’s a wonderful person. He told us right at the beginning what to expect from this outcome and any questions we had, he answered them for us and, I mean, I just couldn’t have asked for a nicer person. Between him and Julie both, they were just wonderful people and they went out of their way to do everything they could for us.

How was your case handled?

Meticulously, how’s that? Each step was explained to us thoroughly and when each process and step was done, he would always let us know, call us in, have a little tête-à-tête and explain to us what was going to happen next.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more, I mean, they were just wonderful like I said, about everything, they handled it terrific.

And it was complete and there wasn’t, I couldn’t remember even asking a question, it was taken care of that well. And usually I have a question of some sort, but each thing was explained before we got into it and the answers that he got was told to us and we knew exactly where we were at in each of the processes and I couldn’t brag any more on this company, it’s just been absolutely terrific.

Did the results of your case meet your expectations?

The expectations as far as the financial end of it went was more than I expected and I’m happy with what I received, they did a wonderful job like I say, and if we needed financial help, they were there to try and get us the help that we needed. But yeah, I was really, I’m pleased with what I received financially.

I was totally surprised. I didn’t think I would get hardly anything, not that I was trying to get anything but they told me how much I was going to get and I said, no, and he said yup, I go, all right! And it was a relief, you know, to know that hey, now I can actually come out of this okay.

Would you refer others to Patrick DiBenedetto and Metier Law Firm?

They went 300 percent out of their way in order to satisfy our questions and what we had to say and I just can’t say enough about the Metier corporation and lawyers and everything is just super.

Yes, I agree with that. They’re just wonderful people to work with and I would recommend them to anybody.

Yes. And the coffee is very good. Which I have here, by the way.