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Motorcycle Accident Client Story
– Cinde Moore

Accident Client Story
– Sheila and James

Personal Injury Client Story
– Virginia and Max

Brain Injury Client Story
– Julia Purrington


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

  • Follow up and communication

    Jim R. Avatar
    Jim R.

    Everyone was very professional and competent. They answered all my questions and took care of everything. They obtained what I felt I needed for my recovery.

    Annette L. Avatar
    Annette L.
  • Phil is knowledgeable and professional.
    He also takes your case to heart

    Debbie P. Avatar
    Debbie P.

    excellent firm to work with!

    Karl S. Avatar
    Karl S.
  • Metier Law Firm treats us with respect, compassion, and support. This is our second case with Metier Law Firm. The first was in 2008 and was a motorcycle accident. Michael Chalouka and his team were great and did a good job for us. This second one is more involved and is still in progress. Michael Chalouka, Galen Trine-McMahan, Lauri Fisher, Tanya Patterson, and the rest of the team are working hard to get this one completed. I am confident they will do great. I strongly recommend them to anyone needing help.

    Cyndi M. Avatar
    Cyndi M.

    There is no better lawyer than Tom. Absolutely recommend him to anyone.

    Bart H. Avatar
    Bart H.
  • Grant Lawson and his paralegal Anita were easy to work with. When we first met I was still in severe pain and shock from losing a leg and suffering catastrophic injuries. They were never pushy and treated us like family. Grant did all the research of evidence and hard work in putting the case together. We were always keep informed and part of the process, which took two years and eight months. We were always well prepared for every step and Grant and Anita both have great reputations in the legal community. Anyone who needs a great lawyer, Grant is fighter for worker safety and rights. I highly recommend.

    Wayde M. Avatar
    Wayde M.

    Galen and Jacqui went above and beyond all our expectations when working on my children's cases, following an accident. They lifted the burden of having to deal with insurance companies and medical bills, which quickly became overwhelming. There compassion and knowledge were both welcome in a difficult situation. They both made every step of the process easy. I would not hesitate to recommend Metier Law Firm - especially Galen & Jacqui.

    Jen T. Avatar
    Jen T.
  • Galen and Jacqui worked diligently on mine and my daughters accident case. I cannot be more grateful for their knowledge, kindness and compassion, and honesty through everything. Besides helping with the typical legal matters, they went above and beyond to help us find medical care when we were hitting road blocks on our own. The front desk staff were always friendly and welcoming and we always felt comfortable when at the office.

    Kendra A. Avatar
    Kendra A.

    Good people, great lawyers

    Jim M. Avatar
    Jim M.
  • Assisted with settlement of claim on behalf of an estate, Emily was fantastic to work with and did a great job supporting throughout the process.

    Lawyers.com U.

    When I had my accident I didn't know what to do. I was facing many medical procedures and many, many hours of rehab. This was first and foremost over the potential long term impacts to my and my wife's financial well being. Immediately after contacting Metier I felt taken care of. They told me what to do how and when to do it. All my questions were answered and I was contacted more than enough times asking if I had any questions. Everyone I worked with was nice, compassionate and very well informed. I felt that I was never talked down to yet everything was explained to me in a kind and thoughtful manner. I will be forever grateful for Metier's handling of my case.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • These folks are the best. Julia helped us so much getting proper and prompt property damage resolution with the insurance company. She was absolutely fantastic. Always answered us right away never left is hanging.

    Suzanne D. Avatar
    Suzanne D.

    Julia kicks butt. She is excellent at her job. Got our property damage resolved asap. Always communicated with us clearly what needed to be done. I am so happy with Law Tigers

    Lawyers.com U.
  • It's hard to put into words how this firm changed my life. A lot of people view injury attorneys negatively, but when you've worked hard to build a good life and then get permanently thrown off course because somebody cut corners to save money, this is the group of people that will stop at nothing to give you and your future a chance again. If injury attorneys are soldiers fighting for their clients, the Metier Law Firm are the Navy SEALS or Green Berets of personal injury attorneys. Having a trained soldier with you in any fight is great, but if your family's future is on the line, wouldn't you want the best warriors on your side?

    Lawyers.com U.

    i had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Savage regarding my motorcycle accident. Her immediate response calling me back on a late Friday was surprising to say the least. She spent enough time with me on the phone until I understood all my options. She was extremely pleasant and helpful. I hope I don't get hit by another again but it is truly a great feeling know that someone like her was on my side and completely understood my concerns. Thank you again Julia, you were a God send.

    Nick K. Avatar
    Nick K.
  • I had an amazing experience with this law firm. They were not able to represent me due to minor personal injury but that did not stop Julia from working on her own time to pressure the insurance company to respond to my claim. Julia called me and ensured the process moved forward and provided valuable insight in the claim process. Julia is amazing and I am keeping them on speed dial!!!

    john g. Avatar
    john g.

    Kristen K. Avatar
    Kristen K.
  • I don’t think I could have been more fortunate than to have had Emily Benight of Meteir Law firm represent me TWICE. Initially after a pretty awful motorcycle accident and then later a second time following a MVA accident I live in Denver but that was never problematic as Emily kindly donates a day of her valuable time and legal experience to help veterans at the VA in Denver every week. From the moment Jerry B. answered my call and drove down from Ft Collins upon my discharge from the hospital, to the awesome and regular updates on my case It wasn’t necessary to inquire even once regarding status as I was kept abreast from beginning to end I was also impressed with how accurate the approximations I was given for both the value of my cases and length of time it would take to settle them She works pretty darn fastI would recommend not only the firm itself but I honestly can’t say enough about Emily and how she helped me She managed to get me through what was otherwise truly a horrible time in my life. I’m sold. Fortunately I haven’t been in any MV accidents for a few years so I haven’t spoken with her for some time I’d wager though If she isn’t a partner or running the place by now I’d split an onion sandwich with Tom Meteir up there... I imagine it’s a pretty safe bet Thanks Guys, Jim W

    J W. Avatar
    J W.

    My husband and I could not be happier with the outcome of our case. I highly recommend Metiier Law Firm, especially Patrick and Jenny. Thank you so much for your help.

    Jen H. Avatar
    Jen H.
  • The Metier Law Firm did an amazing job in handling my case after my accident. I'd never been in such a life changing accident before and honestly didn't know what to do when the person at fault's insurance company started pressing me to accept an amount that didn't even cover my vehicle's worth. I'd use them every time!

    Terry E. Avatar
    Terry E.

    Camille S. Avatar
    Camille S.
  • I am still working with them but so far my experience has been really stellar.

    Gwendy H. Avatar
    Gwendy H.

    Cody s. Avatar
    Cody s.
  • zach m. Avatar
    zach m.

    Jacqui and Galen were awesome! They kept us informed and made the whole process as easy and quick as possible!

    josh e. Avatar
    josh e.
  • Donny H. Avatar
    Donny H.

    Jacqui and Galen are very good at keeping people up to date. They do everything they can to make sure you get the most from your suit. They have a comfortable office, and they make sure you feel at ease when you're there.

    Sage E. Avatar
    Sage E.
  • Jack K. Avatar
    Jack K.

    Great lawyers

    JT E. Avatar
    JT E.
  • I really appreciate all your help. Thank y’all.

    Fernando D. Avatar
    Fernando D.

    Randy G. Avatar
    Randy G.
  • Marcelle D. Avatar
    Marcelle D.

    Nick N. Avatar
    Nick N.
  • I really enjoyed our interactions with both the attorney and his paralegal. I discussed with him that it would have been much much nicer to have had a place we could have actually driven to and met them both face to face. We were certainly happy though, that Patrick put in the effort to keep in contact with us either through e-mail or phone call. We would definitely use them again if (God forbid) we find ourselves in need.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Patrick and Jenny took care of everything for me and got me much more than I expected from the insurance company of the at fault driver.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • the only negative thing about my experience with metier was that i had to accost the person working your booth at the Christmas toy run in aurora co. before you were going to take my case seriously. maybe it was partly my fault for not pressing harder, but it was months later and i was starting to feel abandoned. once mike C. took over, i got to see a dedicated professional pursue my case as if it was his own.

    Lawyers.com U.

    I worked with Tom during a really exhausting time in my life and he was able to help and understand my husband and how he felt. Things got worse before they got better, but we're happy now. I would 1000% recommend this firm for anyone needing that.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • The Metier law firm was a godsend to me after I was hit on my motorcycle by a truck. Not only were they in touch quickly, but they came to talk to me, kept me up to date on what was happening, how best to fix it, what to expect and made the tough calls and conversations when it came time to dealing with the courts and the hospital. They made sure I was okay, and I got the feeling that in everything they did, my well-being was foremost in their minds, not the money. In the end, the money worked out well for everyone. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Great people, kind, smart personable, professional and exceptionally capable. 11 out of 10.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Case went well. They took care of everything so I didn’t need to worry! Doctors bills as well as repair billing has taken care of. They advocated for me on every issue.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • I could not have asked for a better team to represent me. They were responsive, caring, and communicated clearly through the whole process. Our case went to trial, and I was truly amazed at the skill displayed in the courtroom. I am so thankful that I chose the Metier team to handle my case.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Thank you for all your help with our traffic accidents.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Always received calls back in a timely fashion. Glad they were part of Law Tigers. Things were explained up front and pretty much that’s what happened.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Dominic M. Avatar
    Dominic M.
  • They were always available and listened to our concerns and questions. We highly recommend them!

    Becky Q. Avatar
    Becky Q.

    CJ R. Avatar
    CJ R.
  • I am working with this firm as co-counsel on a very difficult civil rights case, and they work very hard for their clients, care deeply, and have integrity and honesty that is well respected in the legal community. They are a joy to work with, and I highly recommend them.

    Cheryl T. Avatar
    Cheryl T.

    I really liked the fact that if I called, if I didn't get to talk to someone then I always got a call back.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Everyone at the firm has been really amazing with my case. Kris especially has always responded with any questions i have had or with bills that have been sent to me from all the medical facility's. i would definitely use them again! Thank you Guys for all the hard work you guys did i greatly appreciate it!

    Lawyers.com U.

    The process of my case has been very long and drawn out. I appreciate the whole team for their hard work and all efforts put foreward to help me. I expected nothing shy of a miracle to get my situation straightened out. Yet, here I am on top of it all! Great help and hard workers they all are. Patrick and Kris stretched themselves quite the distance for me. I GREATLY appreciate everything they have done for me!

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Jacqui S. Avatar
    Jacqui S.

    They truly care, which meant so much that we were not just a number. Galen and Jacqui worked diligently on mine and my daughters accident case. I cannot be more grateful for their knowledge, kindness and compassion, and honesty through everything. Besides helping with the typical legal matters, they went above and beyond to help us find medical care when we were hitting road blocks on our own. The front desk staff were always friendly and welcoming and we always felt comfortable when at the office.

    Kendra L. Avatar
    Kendra L.
  • Good lawyers helped my out alot

    julio p. Avatar
    julio p.

    I first contacted Law Tigers after a motorcycle accident through their website. Within a few days, Senior Case Manager, Lou Weinhold, was sitting in my home to evaluate my case . Jeff Dean was my initial attorney and Patrick DiBenedetto saw my case to the end. Both were professional and thorough. I can't say enough about how helpful ,Legal Assistant, Jerry Bettenhausen, was for the two plus years it took to close my case. I was always treated with kindness and respect.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Patrick and his associates did an exceptional job with my case. I would recommend him to anyone that has been injured riding a motorcycle.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Jesse C. Avatar
    Jesse C.
  • Lawyers you can trust with your life - present and future- they truly believe in you ,are honest ,caring, truthful and always up front with you. A trusted friend for life.Patrick DiBenedetto -the greatest ever!!!!

    Susi G. Avatar
    Susi G.

    Metier Law kept me constantly appraised of the progress of my case. Everyone from the initial contact, to the finalization of services were professional, knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. Metier Law will be the only Firm I would recommend for Motorcycle Injury services.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Jeff was very clear and concise from the first meeting to final settlement.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Kris Koeler and Jeffery Dean were easy to work with and provided me with timely answers to my concerns.

    Lawyers.com U.

    This is a very professional law firm. They handled my case from A to Z with little to no effort on my behalf. I would recommend them to anybody who is hurt and looking for help.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Martindale C.

    The Metier Law firm treats you like Family~~ I promise you if you decide to place your issues within The Metier Law Firm, you will not only see results you will have a Law Firm that will always be there for you/yours long after your case has been settled!

    Debra R. Avatar
    Debra R.
  • Price is kind of steep, but they are expedient, professional, and work very hard for you.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Every one was a big help Thank you

    Lawyers.com U.
  • My expectations were always set correctly and I found the communication clear and concise. This is a complicated matter to deal with insurance companies and I never had to worry as I was in the right place.

    Lawyers.com U.

    I was always kept in the loop and was updated often with information/status. Phil listened and cared about me and what happened to me and my situation. His legal assistant, Nikki, was great. Both were thorough, respectful and professional. I believe Phil's experience and knowledge is what in whole determined our outcome.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • Awesome group of guys. I worked with Jerry and Jeff and they were on top of it the whole time!!!

    Lawyers.com U.

    My experience would have been more positive had I contacted Metier immediately following my accident. I attempted to work with the at-fault driver's insurance company on my own, and in doing so, delayed Metier's opportunities to advise me appropriately. When 16 months passed without an offer from USAA, I contacted Metier and Jeff Dean went to work for me. Jeff did a great job of representing my interests. I would recommend him and Metier without hesitation.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • I've never had to deal with a Law Firm before, but Jerry & Jeff both did an exceptional job. They kept in constant contact with me & were always available to respond to any questions I had. Jeff explained the injury laws and went above and beyond to try and get me the best settlement he could. I am extremely happy with the level of service the firm had to offer. I have already referred a co-worker to them.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Martindale C.
  • Love the TV ads! The lady with the paper cut wanting to sue the paper maker; the video game player wanting to sue the power company. So funny and a great commentary on litigants today. Makes me think that this law firm may really be interested in helping people who are really hurt and not just those looking for a quick buck.

    Dan S. Avatar
    Dan S.

    They really cared about what results were achieved in order for me to maintain my quality of life.

    Lawyers.com U.
  • They are the best! They will go out of their way for you and get you everything that you deserve and more. They go above and beyond any of your expectations and truly care about you and what happens, you are not just "another client" to them!! My husband and I are extremely satisfied with all they have done for us and would HIGHLY recommend them for anyone that needs a personal injury lawyer.

    Lawyers.com U.

    Patrick J. DiBenedetto has exhibited the highest ethical standards in the profession. He is completely committed to his client's welfare. Mr. DiBenedetto attends classes and seminars on a regular basis to increase his knowledge and skill level. I would be pleased to have him represent me.-Bart Costello 25 year practitioner in the field of Plaintiff's personal injury

    Martindale C.
  • Martindale C.

    Patrick exhibits fine judgment on legal matters. I endorse him without reservation.

    Martindale C.
  • Martindale C.

    Patrick is an exceptional lawyer. Very talented.

    Martindale C.
  • Martindale C.

    Connie P. Avatar
    Connie P.
  • Cheryl S. Avatar
    Cheryl S.

    Marilyn R. Avatar
    Marilyn R.
  • It's always difficult any time you're in a situation where you have to get an attorney involved. The Metier Law Firm handled everything from start to finish. Thank you!

    Tara R. Avatar
    Tara R.

    Michael appears to me to be well-grounded in the personal injury law. He's active in the practice including trials. He is with a good firm. I have not heard nor observed myself anything derogatory about Michael and in fact have heard his clients speak well of him and of his compassion for his work and his clients' causes.

    Martindale C.
  • Martindale C.

    Martindale C.
  • Although Patrick is quite young, I feel he is deserving of an AV rating!

    Martindale C.

    High integrity, thorough preparation and good creativity

    Martindale C.
  • Martindale C.

    Patrick is an excellent young lawyer!

    Martindale C.

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