Thanks For The Kindness Of Strangers

An Iowa couple experienced the kindness of strangers this summer when they were in a motorcycle accident on a remote stretch of road in Wyoming.

Sondra Mueller wrote in to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent to thank the Stukes family for the help they gave her and her husband after their wreck.

Mueller says that though she and her husband were not hurt in the accident, they were “rattled more than a little”, and their bike was not drivable. The Stukes gave them a ride to town, arranging for a tow truck along the way. They took Mueller’s husband to the tow truck and her to a hotel, not leaving until they were both settled. They did this in spite of approaching bad weather and the fact that they had a three-hour trip ahead of them to make it home.

Though Mr. Mueller attempted to give them something for their trouble, the Stukes refused, saying they were just glad that no one was hurt.

When we help others, we make the world a better place to be. The actions of the Stukes are commendable, and it is nice that the Mueller family took the time to acknowledge them for it.

Fortunately, in this instance no one was hurt. When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, though, it is important to seek legal counsel to make certain your rights are upheld. Our experienced Denver injury attorneys are glad to answer questions when you are uncertain what to do.

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