The Colorado Motomarathon is Coming August 26-29

Long-distance riders are gearing up for the Colorado Motomarathon, a four-day endurance ride scheduled to make the most of Colorado’s high riding season. This year’s ride is set for the weekend of August 26 through August 29 and will start at Mike’s Motorcycle in Boulder.

The projected route will loop out of Ouray, through the twisty mountain roads in central and southern Colorado, and may travel into southeastern Utah’s Canyonlands.

The ininerary was designed by the Routemasters ad Boulder Motorcycle Maps and routes and checkpoints are kept secret until the night before each leg. Participants should average about 400 miles per day and must complete a series of check-points using a digital cameras to record their badge numbers at designated landmarks.

The Motomarathon started in 1996 when a small group of Colorado motorcyclist tried to ride as many mountain passes as possible during a long weekend. Since then, according to founder John Metzger, “Compressing as many passes as possible into the classic four-day motorcycle sport-touring getaway became an obsession.”

The Colorado Motomarathon is the second of three events scheduled for 2011. The third event is scheduled to occur in Northern California, October 13 through 16.

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