The Latest In TBI Detection Technology

The National Institute of Health (NIH) recently awarded a $150,000 grant to VisionQuest, a biomedical company, to develop a new tool for on-the-field assessment of sports-related traumatic brain injuries and concussions. VisionQuest used funds to create ConQuest, an iPad program which takes full advantage of the onboard camera and gyroscope. “What we’re hoping to do is use the iPad to screen for concussions,” said one of the researchers on the project.

Detecting concussions and brain injuries immediately after they occur is pivotal, because returning an injured athlete to the field can greatly exacerbate the scope of the injury. “We’re not replacing the neurologist, or the certified trainer. We want to give them extra tools,” said the president of VisionQuest. “It’s a screening tool.”

The camera and flash are used to measure eye dilation and the gyroscope balance. Furthermore, trainers and neurologists can test memory and attention with a simple iPad game.

Looking For An Attorney That Handles Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Using the results of the testing, trainers and neurologists “can see how far they deviate from their standard measurement,” said the VisionQuest president. As such, injured players can be removed from the field immediately. When traumatic brain injuries pass by undetected, the consequences can be staggering. Oftentimes, career football players are left with severe cognitive impairment for the rest of their lives, with their families taking on the role of caregiver. If a traumatic brain injury has turned your family’s stability upside-down, our traumatic brain injury lawyers can help. Contact us for more information about how can we can assist in your particular case.

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