The Remarkable Recovery of Tracy Morgan

Concussions can cause permanent problemsLast summer, actor and famous comedian Tracy Morgan was severely injured after a fatigued Walmart truck driver crashed into his limousine. The accident left Morgan with a traumatic brain injury. After a year of rehabilitation, Morgan has made remarkable progress in his recovery.  In many ways, his recovery is a remarkable example of how it is possible to heal from severe traumatic brain injuries.

Only 10 months after the truck accident, Morgan’s attorney expressed concerns the comedian would never be the same again. Additional press reports and photos snapped of Morgan showed him using a walker and trying to avoid the public spotlight. Only a few months later, everything changed and it was clear Morgan was making incredible strides in his recovery.

Most recently, the comedian appeared in an October episode of Saturday Night Live, a show he used to regularly appear on. He also sold out a show at the Levity Live Comedy Club in West Nyack, New York and received a standing ovation at the Emmy Awards earlier in September.

Brain Injury Treatments Are Improving

Tracy Morgan’s case is a highly visible example of how significant recovery is possible. New treatments and research continue to make headway in providing accident survivors with brain injuries the means to reclaim their old lives.

For example, the Department of Defense is currently testing implants that can restore brain functions damaged by injuries. New treatments are relying on neuroplasticity to help accident survivors relearn skills and become more independent. Future blog posts will offer a more in-depth discussion on how some of these technologies and treatments work.

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