The Three Hidden Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Many of us riders know that part of motorcycle safety is to expect worst-case scenarios, such as road debris, potholes and oil slicks. Some scenarios, while seeming unlikely, can cause motorcycle accidents.

  • Not all motorists respect the environment, and some may not see the harm in throwing trash out of their windows while driving 70 mph down the freeway. Riders can be caught in the debris field when someone decides to throw the rest of a cheeseburger and fries out the window. In an article published on RideApart, a rider discussed his near misses being hit by chewing gum, lit cigarettes and scalding hot cups of coffee.
  • Potholes can be an especially dangerous obstacle while riding, whether it is day or night. These obstacles can be difficult to spot until the very last moment and are capable of causing severe accidents.
  • Debris can clog roadways and create potentially fatal obstacles for riders. Objects like spare tires and driver shafts can cause fatal motorcycle accidents. Although some debris can come from other vehicles, violent storms and poor weather can push tree branches and other obstacles into the paths of riders.

How Can Riders Avoid Road Obstacles?

To avoid obstacles, riders should always give other motorists as much room as possible. Staying further behind other vehicles can allow time to safely brake or dodge any debris. Potholes are trickier to avoid, as traffic conditions can make these obstacles difficult to dodge. Installing bright LED headlights and riding slowly can help riders avoid potholes.

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