Themed Motorcycle Cruise Offers Riders an Opportunity to Tour Islands on Their Bikes

Themed cruises are very popular nowadays. If you like chocolate, there is a chocoholic cruise for you. Or if you enjoy a certain type of music such as the rock band KISS, then the Norwegian Pearl has you covered. Entertainment Travel Alternatives Inc. (ETA) is now offering motorcyclists a chance to tour exotic islands on their bikes, such as a 12-day vacation aboard Royal Caribbean’s 2,200-passenger Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship.

The Baltimore Sun reported that ETA began selling tickets for the motorcycle-themed cruises about a year ago at prices of around $1,600 for one person, and a one-time bike fee of $300. Tickets sold out in less than two weeks.

“When you think about it, why the heck not?” Carolyn Brown, editor of stated about the themed cruise. “If you like to ride and you can put your bike in the hold, and at every port, you just get out and go – wow.”

Safety is an issue when bringing together a concentrated amount of motorcyclists in one place. According to ticket contracts of the cruise, riders must have at least 3,000 logged miles of motorcycling experience. Steven Wallach, owner of the company hosting the cruise, has refused passengers he felt were unsafe for the trip despite island rides being accompanied by paid local guides or police officers.

Wallach is aware that motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Though measures are taken in order to prevent motorcycle accidents from occurring, any riding in unknown terrain with foreign obstacles can make even the most experienced rider anxious—especially when locals are not use to motorcycles on their roads. If a negligent driver causes you a serious injury like a traumatic brain injury, you may be able to seek financial compensation through legal actions. Call our Colorado injury lawyers today at (866) 377-3800 or fill out our online case review form for a free consultation of your accident.

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