Thief Crashes Motorcycle During Police Chase

A man attempting to outrun police on a stolen motorcycle was lucky to escape without injury when he crashed the stolen bike into a car.

A Colorado Springs police sergeant saw the man riding a bike without plates in the 2800 block of Circle Drive and attempted to pull him over. The motorcyclist pulled into a gas station as though he were going to stop, then sped off down the sidewalk and turned into the parking lot of the Hotel Elegante, according to police.

The suspect weaved through the parked cars and led the police on a merry chase before his luck ran out. The pursuit came to a crashing halt, literally, when the driver tried to make a turn and lost control of the bike at the intersection of Norwood Avenue and East Cheyenne Road. The thief turned too fast and skidded into the intersection, crashing the bike into a parked car.

The man fled on foot through a nearby neighborhood where he was spotted entering someone’s backyard. The police located him and arrested the thief on charges of vehicular eluding, motor vehicle theft and multiple traffic charges.

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Motorcycles left unattended can be just as vulnerable to thieves as cars. In this case, only the bike was damaged, but the thief’s reckless driving could have gotten him killed, or killed someone else. At Metier Law Firm, the safety of all motorcyclists and the bikes they love is of major importance to us. For help with a motorcycle accident or injury claim, call us today for a free consultation.

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