Third Pepsi Plant Accident Critically Injures Employee

The Pepsi-Cola plant in Tampa, Florida saw its third major injury in less than six months on August 28, when a conveyor machine crushed an employee’s leg. According to St. Petersburg Times, the 39-year-old man was cleaning the conveyor rail system at the plant when his co-workers heard him screaming and called 911. The fire department’s rescue squad worked for an hour and a half to free him, at which time the rescue crew airlifted him to Tampa General Hospital. The rescue crew stated that his catastrophic workplace injuries were life threatening.

The other two injuries occurred in March, when two contractors were performing maintenance work on an automated storage-retrieval system used to move pallets of Pepsi products. A mechanical lift from the machine fell from 20 feet above the contractors, killing one man and seriously injuring the other.

The warehouse and facility is one of the largest soft drink manufacturing plants in the country, but reporters could not reach a Pepsi representative for comments on the accidents. Though three accidents do not exactly constitute a rash of injuries, the company should reevaluate all machinery before allowing employees to return to work in order to prevent further harm.

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