Three Months after Horrible Car Accident, Victim of Brain Injury Struggles to Walk Again

Four days before last Christmas, Jessica Owen’s life was turned upside down when she and her family were involved in a horrible accident. Jessica, her parents, brother, sister and brother-in-law were traveling on Highway 2 near Stevens Pass when a tree fell onto their SUV. The impact killed both of her parents and caused a majority of the passengers to sustain catastrophic injuries. Only Jessica’s younger brother, 22-year-old Jeremy, was able to walk away with minor injuries. However, the emotional healing process Jeremy now faces is difficult as well.

Jessica, her sister Jaime, and her brother-in-law Steven Mayer, have spent the last three months in different medical centers and nursing facilities trying to recuperate from their losses, as well as beginning the arduous physical rehabilitation process. Jessica is struggling with the worst of the injuries, according to the Seattle Times. She is suffering from a partial spinal cord injury that has left her with restricted use of her arms and legs. Doctors are uncertain whether Jessica will ever fully recover.

“You can’t really plan ahead. That’s the worst part,” Jessica told the Seattle Times regarding when and if her spinal cord injury would heal. “It could take three years to try walking again, or it could take six months.”

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