Three Motorcycle Crashes In Two Days

In just two days, three separate motorcycle crashes shut down two different interstates in Albuquerque, all due to reckless driving.

The first occurred during a Toys for Tots bike run at I-40 and Wyoming, where two trikes in a motorcade of hundreds fell behind, then sped up to over 100 mph to close the gap. One got a flat tire, crashing into his friend and putting both in the hospital. Their crash closed the freeway down and put them in the hospital.

A day before a 25-year-old rider was playing chicken with a semi, also on I-40, when he crashed into the jersey barrier dividing the freeway. His crash left him in critical condition, also shutting down the freeway.

The last closure came Sunday evening, after several witnesses called police to report two motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic, racing one another on I-25 near Jefferson. According to police, one rider was going over 100 mph when he rear-ended another vehicle. This rider has head trauma but his condition stabilized that night. I-25 was shut down for four hours after the crash.

The majority of motorcyclists are responsible drivers. It is a shame that a few decide to behave so foolishly.

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