Three Reasons Why Motorcyclists Need an Attorney After a Crash

Silver car hits a motorcycle

Motorcycling is fun, thrilling and calming. That’s why so many people become spellbound by the freedom provided by these two-wheeled machines. However, this spectacular pastime comes with certain risks. Do you know how best to protect yourself from these risks? Some use fancy gadgets, others use leather, pad and carbon fiber, but sometimes motorcyclists need an attorney too.

Three Reasons Why Motorcyclists Need an Attorney Post-Crash

  1. Who Is at Fault – Motorcyclists often get a bad rap. People accuse them of speeding, reckless riding and general roguishness. So, it is not too shocking that in some circumstances, bystanders and authorities immediately place blame on a motorcyclist. However, attorneys don’t work on assumptions. After conducting an independent investigation of the evidence, you may be surprised at what an attorney discovers. Distracted driving, speeding cars and defective parts can all cause motorcycle accidents. Depending on the evidence, a lawyer may also be able to identify who is responsible for your crash.
  2. Filing a Lawsuit – A motorcycle crash can be devastating, leaving riders with critical and sometimes life-altering injuries. This places a burden on families who must pay medical costs and shoulder the burden of lost wages. An attorney can help riders and their families manage this struggle. Filing a lawsuit against liable parties may be able to help these individuals pay their bills and recover damages. Building a case, obtaining reports and handling court filings is just the start of a motorcycle attorney’s job.
  3. Facing the Insurance Companies – Though you and the other driver involved in a wreck may both have insurance, getting those companies to compensate you could be trouble. Insurance companies have a bottom line, and they will sometimes go to great lengths to settle cheaply. Some insurance companies may even try to avoid payment. Having an attorney by your side can give you strength at the negotiating table. A motorcycle attorney has experience dealing with these companies and can help you get a fair settlement faster. If push comes to shove, an attorney also knows how to properly file a lawsuit against a stubborn insurance company.

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