Why Are Three Sturgis Icons Being Sued for Personal Injury?

performing in front of a live audience

Performing in front of a live audienceHave you ever been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Once a year, riders from all across the country gather at the largest and most well-known motorcycle gatherings in the entire world. Burn out contests, food, drinks, activities and concerts take over the little town of Sturgis for nearly two weeks, but last year a few spectators got a little more than they bargained for. Now, it has led one man to filing a personal injury lawsuit, and three Sturgis icons are in the suit’s crosshairs.

How Did Sturgis Become the Center of a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

You’ve probably seen the video of bike builder, Roland Sands, falling to a serious gaff on the Buffalo Chip’s mainstage. He rolled out on a brand new, freshly customized, Indian motorcycle, and rode it right off the stage. The bike crashed into the audience, and at the time, we were told that four people had suffered minor injuries. Now, at least one of those victims is claiming more than simply minor injuries.

One of the four injured people claims that he was caused severe mental and physical damage causing him permanent disability. The lawsuit goes on to say that the plaintiff lost wages and enjoyment of life from the incident, and that Sands, Indian Motorcycles and Buffalo Chip are responsible.

The suit claims the motorcycle was not equipped with a front brake, and that this contributed to the machine’s inability to stop. It further says that Sands was in breach of a duty not to injure patrons when he “negligently” road the motorcycle offstage. Buffalo Chip was named for not maintaining a safe environment for patrons. As a sponsor for the event, Indian Motorcycles was also named in the lawsuit.

When dealing with premises liability, there is a duty that businesses must adhere to when it comes to customer safety. The real question in this case may be in proving what harms may have been caused in this incident. The safety attorneys of Metier Law Firm represent people who are injured throughout the U.S. and with Sturgis being so close to home and heart, we’ll keep an eye on how this case progresses.

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