The Three Things Most Riders Forget About Motorcycle Maintenance

Wrenching on his motorcycle

wrenching on his motorcycleMotorcycle maintenance is a big deal for your everyday rider. Sometimes it can be the only thing standing between you and sliding your bike into a ditch. Luckily for us riders, maintaining our motorcycles can be pretty simple, and if you are handy with a wrench, you won’t even need to take your bike to the shop. But be warned, there are details that many home mechanics forget when fixing on their bikes. Here are the top three:

Three Things Most Riders Forget When Handling Their Own Motorcycle Maintenance

  1. The Chain– Motorcycle chains have come a long way over the years. However, these technological advancements should not be taken for granted. Check your bike’s chain regularly, and make sure it’s lining up with the sprocket properly. You also need to keep the chain well lubricated, so make sure the it’s not dry, and watch out for kinks.
  2. The Brakes– This is one of the most important parts of your motorcycle. Can you imagine going into a sharp corner and not being able to slow down? Yikes! That’s why it’s important for you to check your brakes regularly. Make sure your brake pads have not worn thin—there’s usually a mark to tell you if the pads have met their end. You also need to change your brake fluid once a year. You see, brake fluid can absorb moisture over time, which will reduce your stopping power. It could also harm the internal mechanisms of you braking system.
  3. The Tires– Nobody ever thinks about them, but tires connect you to the ground, so it is always important to make sure they are in good running shape. Check your treads to make sure the rubber hasn’t worn too thin, and don’t forget to check your tire pressures. An over inflated tire can reduce the amount of traction you have, while an under inflated tire could wear out faster.

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